Denon DJ DN-S3700
Denon DJ DN-S3700

DN-S3700, Tabletop DJ player from Denon DJ.

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pvesco 04/03/2013

Denon DJ DN-S3700 : pvesco's user review

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Utulisée a month, purchased nearly new.
Most have said in other reviews and my opinion on the 3500 (tray, ergonomics, opportunities ...)
Cons: quality CD playback, sound reproduction key, CD or software below Pioneer. The plate too fast viellit bugs appear. Controls are imprecise: picht tray, start on software, slow loading ... Defects identical return on most Denon models I tested: two to three bugs per evening with games CD that run regularly on very old CDJ 100 or 800 without problems, even if the plates are interesting to use, if you have a choice, it's too ...
The value for money is worth nine, but I do not think the 3700 are made for daily use and rough (there are not disco ..). The choice of this model remains a singular unit, is the most favorite, of limited use in time, or some creative styles. It remains, however, that even though it's still a mid-range device, it's already over many models and brands. At each make a choice ...
For me again this choice? No, I toured the entire range of Denon players. I sold off my two 3700, 650 Euros the pair and it was a relief to see them go because they are very dificiles to spare.