Numark CDX 1
Numark CDX 1

CDX 1, Tabletop DJ player from Numark.

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DJ ph 04/17/2005

Numark CDX 1 : DJ ph's user review


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I have them for 4 months and these are my first turntables, n effect a few small flaws:
"It is rare but sometimes bug ca
With a cd-mp3, the search function is very slow
-Cd should be in a perfect state, otherwise it may buger or even not work at all
-The use of visual cues such as: After scootch on vinyl can not or you find yourself very quickly with 50 pieces of scootch ...
-Buttons are small but compensates illuminca)

-The effects are superb for my taste, especially the sonar and filters
-The total effect is vinyl
-Loops are simple to do and change

in short, I find them very well, despite the mini defaults, he does not forget all the false benefits they offer, especially the mixing or scratching noises personal cd set ...