Numark CDX 1
Numark CDX 1

CDX 1, Tabletop DJ player from Numark.

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stompboxjon 04/12/2012

Numark CDX 1 : stompboxjon's user review

« works like a charm »

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The Numark CDX 1 is a table top do unit that has a record player type of feel to it, for the old school DJ’s switching over to CD’s and mp3’s this unit is perfect for you. Just slide your cd in the front loading dock and you can start scratching with the “record” that’s on top of the unit. it’s a nice big scratch wheel/ record. Its made to look like a record so you actually have the feel of an old school turntable which I personally love. I feel like Numark hit it right on the head with this unit. Some people who aren't in tune with all the DJ gear and equipment will actually think you are on an actual turntable. With dim lighting and from a short distance you cant tell that its really an mp3 or cd player!.

You can loop and scratch on this unit and not to mention the automatic beat matching which is awesome. There are many effects on this unit like the filters which I like a lot and how easy it is to get the echo chain that I want. All of the effects can be changed how you want them to you will have complete control.

The Numark CDX 1 is mp3 compatible and all of the cool functions that you love about these units can be done on cds as well as mp3’s. I love the features of the Numark CDX 1. Some of the featurs of this unit are, that it has a “matrix display that will show all the info such as the time, mp3 song name and show you the wav form of the song and all of the cue spots and bpm. All of the slow down and start up speeds are easy to alter and use. The Numark CDX 1 is a straight forward piece of gear that will do exactly what you need it to do when you need it to do it. If you can spend a little more money look into some of the higher end Numark’s, you will get more features and effects.