Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2

CDJ-1000 MK2, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

feudoux 01/05/2006

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2 : feudoux's user review


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So that we stop saying stupid things certainly due to the jealousy I'll give my opinion of real professional.
In addition to being the DJ and utlise gear from different manufacturers I am also a technician in the Service of stuff ...
In short my presentation being made Joe63 like to know since you are a professional sound as shown in your profile what you do for a living, and especially that for 3 reviews and Pioneer 3 unfavorable opinion ...
Back on topic the CDJ1000 (I owned the v1 and mkII)

First of all we talk about CD player, so it is clear that you will never do the same things with a platinum Vynil ... The CD players simulate the vinyl by memory, the effect is closer little by little but we will have to wait.

Joe63 tells of the professional fad for CDJ1000, I have now for almost 4 years (including 2 mkII) but for me the Pioneer mode is the strongest of all ... To compare like with like never failed on my cdj 1000, a return guarantee for cdx, a SHIFT required due to miscalculations on SLDZ

While the CDJ have no onboard effects and do not read the mp3 but here we talk about pro decks, as opposed you can calculate the loading time
Eg it takes 6 seconds for the cdj to read the first page of an audio cd
Cdx 15sec on / 25sec cdaudio and almost cd to mp3!
It is worth it not all wahwah world?

In short Now here are the + and - in my experience of three industry leaders

Pioneer CDJ1000
+ Reliability
+ SD card memory points
+ Loop recoverable IN / OUT and STABLE!

- No turntable

Numark CDX
+ Imitation vinyl turntable
+ Scratch the most realistic of all
+ Self loops

- Offset in the tray at fast scratch
- Reliability ........

+ Design

- + Thurs sliding tray in the tray
- Master tempo picks up from 6%
- Too low inertia
- Bcp too many other .... I will do a how to complete the technics

In conclusion, if the sales number is xxx, which is seen in all their turntables pro config is that there is a reason ...

Then at SAV I do not know or uses Joe63 but in each of the suppliers we get the parts in less than 72 hours, and all the plates that arrived on Monday after a difficult we are still divided repaired for Thursday night ... (I speak only for these three brands !!!!)

Thank you for reading to the end and do not believe everything that is said, do you notice in yourself, the investment of two decks of this prize is worth a little test ...