Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2
Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2

CDJ-800 MK2, Tabletop DJ player from Pioneer in the CDJ series.

IanLightsOut 12/06/2010

Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 : IanLightsOut's user review

« The King Of DJ CD Players! »

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The Pioneer CDJ 800 is one of the best DJ CD players available for the money. With the advancement of CDJ series far beyond this basic model, they can be acquired for an affordable cost and offer the high quality you have come to expect from Pioneer as a DJ. The pitch adjust is solid and precise, and once you get the hang of it, you can hang on any Pioneer CD player out there. The Vinyl mode is essential and makes cueing CD's a cinch. The looping function makes working in tracks and spicing up DJ sets easy, with on the fly control of looping increment and length. If vinyl mode is not desired, regular cd playback mode is available. The user can also select the speed and pitch range of the track, so that slower tracks can be sped up far beyond the original tempo, allowing for more options in a DJ set than ever before. The 'Wide' pitch control option also allows for some really fun effects simply from slowing down and speeding up the track. Readout options let you customize the time display, track display, and time remaining readouts. The player gives the DJ the control desired, but is not too complicated for the less specified user to figure out. The quick playback response and informative display (Although lacking a waveform readout or peak reader, which will come on later model CDJs) gives the user enough information to play a smooth and well executed set. The sound, especially when enhanced with cable upgrades, is perfect. After having used many other CD players of varying brands and models, and experiencing the shaky pitch adjusts, poor displays, unreliable playback and sound quality, I am very pleased with the selection of this product.