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Non-finalized file



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1 Posted on 09/23/2012 at 20:58:45Direct link to this post
While recording line in to a Tascam DR-03 portable digital recorder, the power cable was unplugged. Recording was monitored as fine in real time. Batteries were installed a few months ago but unfortunately I later discovered were dead (I always record with USB power). 2GB microsd card had no other files and was formatted just prior to start of recording. Recording was for 2 hours. Screen shows 1 hour left (consistent with about 1.2 GB; the 2GB card will record for 3 hours). Therefore, the recording took place but apparently did not finalize, and will not play in recorder. I can copy no more than an additional 600 MB to the 2GB card, indicating that the file is on the card. The file name and extension (.wav) but not the file itself can be copied to a computer (it shows 0KB on properties and will not play in at least six standard players as well as in pro-level audio software). Generic file recovery software will not fix. Are there digital recorders that will finalize a non-finalized wav file? Is there pro-level forensic software that will finalize a wav file? Thank you very much.
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