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Thread Problems connecting Wizard Series FINALIZER - Help?

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1 Problems connecting Wizard Series FINALIZER - Help?
I have an Airlite Console (Analogue), and Neumann TLM 103 mic, and I have just purchased a TC Electronic Wizard Series Finalizer (processor).

According to my Airlite Console Manual, and the Airlite company who I have been in touch with, I should be able to simply connect the Finalizer to the mic only (not the whole desk mix) via the INSERT socket on the mic channel with a ‘send and receive’ 1/4 jack to M & F XLR. I have purchased the lead from StudioSpares however that where things stop working.

I know the processor is working as I have tested the input and output with a general audio feed however I can’t seem to connect this as a mic processor.

FYI - I have made sure the input and output settings on the Finalizer are set to ANA (analogue). Also the Mic input (on the Airlite Console) has a balanced XLR input connector with 48 volt phantom powering for condenser mic.

If you help me connect the processor to the Mic channel I would be eternally grateful.

Thank you

Well first things first... Yes it should be easy connect the two of them together with an insert cable ( Y-cable )

You checked the mixer and also the mastering machine....
But did you checked the cable?

a: Is pin 1 and 3 of both XLR's connected together?
b: are you Sure the right XLR is set to be the input of the combined send /return?

The ring should be send the tip should be return
So the signal is send over the ring to your effect unit and send it back to the mixer over the tip..

For now I can't help thinking that tip and ring are switched

- Angelie

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