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Thread How to download and convert YouTube 4K video

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1 How to download and convert YouTube 4K video

In July 2010, YouTube officially announced that it had launched a range of HD videos in the new YouTube 4K video format, which is a standard resolution for films that measures 4096x3072 pixels. This resolution is too large for watching on your Mac or iPad. So if you'd like to download and store the YouTube 4K videos on Mac or iPad, you need to convert YouTube 4K video to smaller HD video resolution first.

What is the YouTube 4K video format?
The YouTube 4K video format is a next generation standard for rendering very high quality HD video for digital cinema applications. Essentially, this YouTube 4K resolution is twice as powerful as the current 2K HD YouTube video format in digital cinemas today. The advantage of YouTube 4K HD video, aside from the even crisper detail, is that it can offer better fast-action and larger projection surface visibility.

How to download and converter YouTube 4K HD Video?
In order to enjoy 4K-resolution YouTube video on your Mac or iPad more comfortable, you need a YouTube video downloader with convert function. iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac is one that can download YouTube videos and convert them to the appropriate video format for you. The program also features a handy batch mode which allows you to download several YouTube videos at one time, making this process more efficient. Below is the step-by-step guide about how to download and convert YouTube 4K video with iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac.

Step1. Download YouTube 4K HD videos with iFunia YouTube Converter for Mac
Download the iFunia YouTube Video Converter for Mac, and open the tool. After that go to the YouTube website and select the YouTube 4K video you want to watch. Click 360P to drop-down the menu then copy the YouTube 4K video URL. Click Add button in iFunia YouTube Video Converter and paste the YouTube HD video URL. After the YouTube 4K video URLs have been added, click "Download" button and start to download the YouTube 4K videos. The download timing depends on your internet boardband.

Step2. Convert YouTube 4K Video to Mac or iPad supported format
After the YouTube 4K HD videos are downloaded completely in iFunia YouTube Video Converter for Mac, you can now convert the 4K HD videos to the Mac or iPad supported video formats that you want. The program allows you to convert 4K YouTube video to any other formats. For example, MPEG-4 is more friendly for Mac and it is also a iPad supported video format. Click the "Gear" button at the right side and change the output format you like from the "Convert to" drop-down menu list. Select the best video format for each video file and specify a directory to save the YouTube 4K HD video files. Remember that the output file size mostly depends on the Bitrate you set. Larger Bitrate, larger file size. Actually the default profile given is configured with good quality output.

Step3. Start converting YouTube 4K HD video
Now you may click the button "Convert" to begin converting the YouTube 4K HD video. The conversion progress bar will show you how much of the encoding is completed. The converting time will depend on several variables including: the duration of the YouTube 4K video file, the speed of your computer, what other activity your computer is currently doing, the codec you selected and the bitrate you set. Larger Bitrate, larger file size and longer converting time.

This professional YouTube Video Converter for Mac is specially designed for downloading and converting YouTube videos, and now you can also download and convert YouTube 4K HD videos with this handy tool. Get the free trial and starting your YouTube videos downloading now.