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Thread Tascam DP 008 Repeat play

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Topic Tascam DP 008 Repeat play

Hello, I wonder if anybody can help, I have recently purchased a Tascam DP 008 recorder brilliant machine.

My problem is the repeat play function, what I would like to do is record a  backing track then play it back in repeat mode and record lead guitar to the next track, say like a 12 bar blues to save me playing the same chords over and over. I have tried to create a loop with the in/out function but i get a delay between the loop stopping and starting, also when in repeat mode you cannot record to the next track. I could create the loop on my Digitech Looper and the transfer to the DP 008 a bit long winded but perhaps that is how to do it. Any help much appreciated, thanks in advance.

Are You even interested to a tip about this question? :bravo: