Universal Audio Apollo Quad
Universal Audio Apollo Quad

Apollo Quad, Thunderbolt audio interface from Universal Audio in the Apollo series.

miesvan2003 10/10/2012

Universal Audio Apollo Quad : miesvan2003's user review

«  Welcome to the third millennium ... »

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I use it with an iMac 27 "i7 2.8Ghz with and a 1TB hard drive and I added a strip of 4Gb to 6Gb rams for at all.
Mainly used for voice recording and synths all in one hardware.Le seemed an option to return the console to compact my analog set-up and have more space for my keyboard. Excellent choice for the possibility to include a map thunderbolt, what I would do in a short time.
Super also outputs (balanced) for returns and 2! headphone outputs with separate mix levels!
The connectors for making sounds are simple and fuss-free and there can add inserts on UAD plugs sound at any sampling frequency is frankly TOP
needs more hardware or amp etc .... examples?


A real rhodes in Hi-Z jack on the front panel and add a chorus EL Fatso + Boss ... or my Waldorf synth plug with Studer tape machine .... or with my Yamaha DX7 Roland delay or EMT. record .... or machines or analog bass drums with Neve compressors .... just for coloring,
or even vocals and guitars with or without amps .... This is monstrous!
Not even audible latency and with it all my mac is just tickled ...
not need to talk about except that soft AU plug consoles and lost open on the screen 27 ", a stretch graphics would have been,
as well as the lack of gain settings on the console input jacks, I hope this will be resolved with an update of the software console.
good attention with the updates because I believe they will trends add plugs to sell new machines with octa cards ....
ah villains!


Opening the carton, you leave the beast, one branch with all the cables,
Once the software is installed and the recording made on the online site IS ALL,
which pragmatically Rican ....


So after 3 weeks I can not find fault, apart from the
gain adjustment for input jack at the soft, no ... I want ... I do not ... help!
I had the UAD-1 cards before and I knew the product I think it is one with which one has the best workflow for plugs as usual very pragmatic.
A little pricey for the card + Quad card thunderbolt (+ -2900 euros), but on the other hand do nothing more than computer (or thunderbolt FW800) THIS Interface, recording software, Returns speakers (active) and an instrument ... (oh I forgot creativity)
apollo? welcome to the moon ...