Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo

Apollo Twin Duo, Thunderbolt audio interface from Universal Audio in the Apollo series.

Bill3107 10/06/2014

Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo : Bill3107's user review

«  Super stable, robust ... serious! »

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First of all, I knew the Matis very heavy and complex:
- DSP cards oriented synths and FX (creamware called soniccore): great, great sound but stability and service means the time at a high cost and that on windows!
- RME Fireface 800: very stable, well built but too Germanic sound pretty cool, old school look, soft not engaging, great service

I was looking for an interface to stay in the box around a muscular macbook pro. Exit therefore made for windows interfaces (farewell Soniccore ...). I wanted a pro sound, a tank, and a hardware interface contact for monitoring ... Apollo fell to the bottom!


Nothing to say ... everything has been stable from the beginning, simple logic ... The plugs are all testable 14 days and it is a concept available. The model chosen is the duo and I recommend the solo model because plugs provide fast want to load the tracks. if we focus on the AU FX on busses can start working seriously. Not to mention that mastering plugs (since one handles a stereo file) have any sense ... it's happiness.


everything is clear and simple ... and it's beautiful;-)


As said earlier, I am filled to 100%. Beautiful robust interface, feeling at the very large pro knob. It's beautiful, it sounds and it's stable. I have ... no complaints! When I see what I have in my hands (it is entitled to vouchers for purchase and we must think to invest in plugs really helpful!), It's unbeatable I think. My macbook pro associated with this interface became my studio. What a joy ... and congratulations commercial service, very available.