Fender Custom Shop '52 Relic Telecaster
Fender Custom Shop '52 Relic Telecaster

Custom Shop '52 Relic Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

impabrice 11/10/2010

Fender Custom Shop '52 Relic Telecaster : impabrice's user review

«  buy without hesitation »

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no vibrato (and I'm glad)
3 selections of sound: first selection unusable (see below)

The slides wonderfully


excellent ergonomics
access to acute ok.
Readily obtained a very good sound even just playing.


His pop-rock, not really suited to metal. If you need to buy a Fender U.S. and you decide between a Start and a Tele for a long time trying the 2 in store, you must take this telecaster there (1952). The stratum is more versatile but less endearing to me. Otherwise the American special is good and cheaper, american standard TB and 1952 was really something more. There's no comparison. In addition it provides a hard case which is also beautiful.

His chattering, every note is very well rendered even "entering" it. Bluffing.
I play mostly with a mini amp AC 30 headphones. Otherwise Orange dual Terror + Orange 2 * 12 cabinet.

There are 3 positions to the right, it is clear slap in the middle, more versatile warmer. on the other hand left is apparently setting vintage absolutely useless because it is completely suppressed. It is the only black point of this guitar.


I use it for 5 months. I play almost every day. Coming from a Cort Viva series (floyd rose tremolo and inréglable crap) and having played guitar on to max 500 euros, the difference is major. The sound is surprisingly accurate. The guitar is super good agreement. There is nothing that moves.

If you hesitate with an american standard or special, put a little more money aside, try it and you will understand. In regrads clips rock group, it is often is a sign.

There is only one color. A