Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster
Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster

Muddy Waters Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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popeye 86 11/22/2006

Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster : popeye 86's user review


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Well this is a product telecaster blues but not only has the fire under the hood!
The body is frne in only 2 pices like vintage U.S. 52, the microphones are vintage U.S. 52 as the true, the bridge 52 the same as vintage vintage U.S. 52, is short for the price Gift!

Please note the handle is in profile "c" and get used to tame the sleeve!
Otherwise there is only one color candy apple red, very nice I can assure you.


So this race is enjoyable but as I rev the little fingers c'tait not obvious to beginners, of the profile.
CHAC is good enough for sharp as tl on what!
As for the weight of the craft, it is consquent and after 30 minutes you can feel!

To get a good sound is trs simple:

You plug the amp and that's it! Moreover, the empty sound is really exeptional sound projection is terrible for a solid body.


Well, I play everything, but my prferences range from blues to pop rock to hard for siness was going through U2 and Coldplay and Pink Floyd all the blues and the possible sound worlds unknown.

So a priori the telecaster has only three sounds, but yes .. which must see Anything goes, from clean slamming on the micro rather serious round and powerful once rgl good hauteur.Toujours in clear position is the middle of hell, however with a little chorus is the best! The microphone is quite acute Submitted but not acute dose CT with Tone.
In the crunch is carrment dud read it dchire everything and if you have a vox amp type you will see other guitar and never leave! For heavy distortion I t trs surprised adpote serious! And all his positions is not drool magique.Le ever, and one can go far in the saturation but beware they are simple microphones (admittedly powerful) but not double EMG either.
By grinding with this guitar and amp SETTING THE tone, you can even get fat sounds, and yes even on a tl.
I tst tl with a 52 and a hygway one, this one is still my opinion above in terms of sounds, even the seller does surprise when plugged into the any lamp.

The sound is ample muscle and can be soft lens, no need 36 guitars with 50 microphones, was here right now!

There are no microphones has thrown all positions are superb as well has I get back the sound of David Gilmour of The Edge as Muddy Waters and Roy Buchanan!


I have this guitar for 3 years, she possde a sacr personalis, but it needs an amp adequate, not an amp too sharp or you'll break down all your fentres.Par against a receiver type IDAL vox is the couple, I noticed with modlisations amp.

Before I was a U.S. Start, well frankly it's the other thing, yet it is a MODEL Mexico for assembly because everything comes from the USA for the hardware.

The quality report is a killer price, I pay 900 euros for a new guitar that sounds more vintage than the U.S. 52!

I would do this choice now if I had to start over, despite all the hype multiplication versions.

Buy a council run away if you want the real tlcaster.