Fender American Telecaster HS [2003-2004]
Fender American Telecaster HS [2003-2004]

American Telecaster HS [2003-2004], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

iamqman 09/28/2011

Fender American Telecaster HS [2003-2004] : iamqman's user review

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The Fender telecaster is a fun and very fantastic sounding guitar. It has a unique body shape which is kind of a mix between a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul. It only has one single cutaway at the bottom to reach the higher frets of the guitar. It features two single coil pickups and a pickup selector that allows you to select each pick up in the position in between. To this gives you a total of three different sounds for this guitar. You also had a volume and one control tone knob and that pretty much rounds off the features and functions of this guitar. It has a very slim neck a little bit slimmer than the Fender Stratocaster and certainly a lot more slimmer than a Gibson Les Paul guitar.


I would say that this guitar is dead smack somewhere in between a Fender Stratocaster an Ibenez guitar neck. It's not super thin but it's not to the thickness or the cut of a Fender Strat. It's a great feeling neck and in my opinion I wish that more guitars would feature a neck profile of this radius. It's very comfortable to go up and down the frets with and it makes the comfort of this guitar very nice.


You can tell that this guitar is fantastic and it's very unique on his own. It certainly is a Fender guitar and you can hear that a soon as you pluck or strum the first chord. However it does have a unique sound that is very different than a Fender Stratocaster tone. It's a guitar that has a cleaner and spankier tone that gives the user not a lot to work with when you're trying to dig up some heavy distortion tones. Since it does have single coils it's going to get a very clean sound and note separation tone. So when you couple this with a high gain distortion pedal or amplifier then you're not really good to get that thickness you would if you are playing a Gibson Les Paul guitar. Generally these guitars feature ash wood coupled with a maple neck.


I highly recommend this guitar to anyone is looking for a great tone that is geared towards pop, rock, and country music. This is not a guitar that you can use in any metal situation or hard rock situation. Is the kind guitar that many country players look to you because of it's clean spanky tone and very chimy voicing. These are guitars that will complement most band situations and any other gear that you have in your repertoire.