Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster
Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster

American Vintage '64 Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the American Vintage series.

Baraka! 01/13/2013

Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster : Baraka!'s user review

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Origin USA, C profile neck, rosewood, pearl reperes key and a little bigger than usual: very quiet and it is very beautiful!
The pickups are new Fender since developed specifically for this series, also varnished specific: very very end, he reveals the wood beautifully ... Nothing like TV Baja I had previously.
Visually it is stunning in white with rosewood handle is a must for me: simplicity, authenticity and class!
The tuners are perfectly aligned: normal you say? I reply that I had a telecaster télébration 62 that I made were mounted mechanical because no matter how and ditto for 62 vintage U.S. ordered from thomann ... Anyway, I was disgusted, but now no pb on this model. Phew! Considering the price this is the least of things. On bends January to January / 2 ton, it is well-tuned on two tones (gilmour. ...) it tends to be out of tune. Nothing abnormal.
For the rest it is a TV ... I love ;)


The top handle is comfortable. 21 frets.
Access to acute is-type TV: very playable even if it may be easier on other guitars (eg sg)
The guitar weighs his weight around 4 kg I think to check.


Beautiful 3 on positron.
Telecaster I love you!
In crunch is top in clear and sublime twang .... Cool
And it also makes me want to tease the country ... Funk in the fact that so bluntly. On my small tube amp with an overdrive or distortion can even make his little headbanger! Yes, even Led zep or spend ACDC!
In short, with a good amp and some effects that goes everywhere. Yes a TV that is versatile!

BuT my guitar 'buzz' not bad: there is a buzzing noise when the hand touches the bridge, or metal parts (strings, volume, ....). According to my luthier is normal, but I do not remember the same thing on the Baja ....

Sounds: 10/10
But I will make a point to shift evokes.


Absolutely superb, view and / or listen.
Only pb noise tarnishes the table ... News soon to tell you what it after passing from the luthier.

? / 10

Stay tuned!