Fender Classic '69 Telecaster Thinline
Fender Classic '69 Telecaster Thinline

Classic '69 Telecaster Thinline, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic series.

tom808 07/24/2014

Fender Classic '69 Telecaster Thinline : tom808's user review

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USA made semi hollow body, telecasters are know for their bright sound so adding semi hollow body to it adds more of a character to it. Has a Mahagony body, one piece maple neck, Two vintage-style single coil Tele pickups with alnico magnet, Vintage-style 3-saddle strings thru-body Tele bridge, has a volume and tone knobs, 3 position pickup switch, it has 21 frets i prefer 22.


The guitar is beautiful and comfortable in terms of use i gigged around with it never had any problems, knobs are easy to reach, neck feels great more on the rounded side. The guitar is not heavy compare to Gibsons, has beautiful f holes, makes it stand out on stage. Pick ups are good for the Tele sound i never had any problems with them and never was in need of switching them out. Anybody can get a nice tone out of the tele.


With this tele i like to play rather soft music or rock n roll type if you wanted to use it for harder music like metal you would have to switch out the pick ups and put in EMG's or symour duncans to give it the hard grungy sound. But this stock tele is super clean more on the brighter sound but i always enjoyed the sound and the looks of them over the strat guitars tele has more character for me personally. I use my tele with a fender blues jr which is a perfect combination for the softer blues sound the amp has some power to it. I produce a lot of pop mainstream rock music and this tele is perfect for it, i also have a Gibson Lespaul its a big difference since the Gibson has a darker tone and can be more on the heavy side but still blends in with clean genres.


My favorite thing about the tele it has its own sound to it that no other guitar can recreate, the value is fair for the quality guitar. I tested many guitars and theres many other good guitars which i love but if you want that blues crisp sound you need this tele. I have been a fan of these guitars and i will always recommend them.