Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster
Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster

Road Worn '50s Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Road Worn Telecaster series.

EVH 04/08/2013

Fender Road Worn '50s Telecaster : EVH's user review

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I will not repeat all the specs, just read the other reviews.
on the other hand for all of Mexico, it's really top:
The nitrocellulose lacquer body (like the old) is perfectly relic too much or not enough and leaves suggest the beautiful veins of ash. Small cracks in the varnish hyper realistic. All peices are made of metal also well tumbled and suddenly it's still very realistic, there méprendre.Le handle it a reliquage more artificial because of urethane varnish used and the pickguard too thin and yellow artificially spray varnish.

The guitar comes with a Fender cover suitable for normal use.
The factory settings on mine made the guitar too difficult to play action too high and too dug round. But hey, in 10 minutes, the matter was settled.


The fun begins as soon as the grip: the handle has a great hit with quite a curve round way TV 57 and 6105 frets close as vintage frets but high as jumbos. So, despite the vintage radius of 7.25 inches, it is very comfortable to play. Place by the sensation of wood in direct contact with our left hand a lot of fun. For cons, the wood will spoil faster. It has already blackened place in less than 1 year of play


And her then? because everything else is secondary:
Right now, this vacuum is a huge resonance that I did not necessarily pronocée also found on other road worn tried in store. (And yes every piece of wood is ultimately unique!)
Always empty the sound is still full with the characteristic twang TV. This remains one of the 3 best telecaster on which I played (and I played: 1957, 1965, 71 to 79 etc. ....
Finally vacuum only downside, the nut snugly tendency on the strings if and half to remove a bit of shine. Passage through a bone nut will be a plus.
AND NOW, instead of electricity:
Bridge pickup: it sends roots but it is clear at once, but sharp hot short for me as good as either clear or saturated crunch. The output level is very good for single coils.
Intermediate position: it's nice, it makes beautiful arpeggios and beautiful ryhtmiques the combination is successful.
Neck Pickup: while there we like it or not, it's like the old TV is "bassy" and "woody" many serious sound muffled, with which you can enter an area with a jazz or saturation send beautiful flights but sweet.
So, to summarize: micro bridge: surly, micro neck: soft, intermediate position between the two.


I use it for almost 1 year with equal happiness.
This guitar can not be ignored and approaches actually kind of true old 1957.
For comparison, next to the Mexican tv seem very average and bland (even baja, yes) and american standard seem too sanitized, winning versatility they lose warmth and authenticity.
So I think the price / quality ratio very good and would do this choice without hesitation