Fender Telecaster (1963)
Fender Telecaster (1963)

Telecaster (1963), TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender.

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The Silver Surfer 04/06/2004

Fender Telecaster (1963) : The Silver Surfer's user review


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Well, well, Obviously, mine is a pure amricaine vintage of 1964 (!) Estimates of APRS Most recent internship with the references. So right away, "cause".
It has all of the era of pure Telecaster (frets, neck, pickups, mechanical ...) and color "white cassquot; a bit tired as time gives the paint and varnish. This varnish that yellow lgrement reminder that "precisely the one is in mm".
It also banned nearly the weight that the journalists of rptitions entires. C'taient trees lead the era they used, I think.


The neck is strait qu'agrable especially in the use rhythm, for which the Telecaster is only my opinion.
Indeed Access in acute is difficult because the "shoe" is a bit to play Satriani pais.
Ergonomics is still excellent in particular the weight that "sits down" the position of the guitar. No worries handle that falls when you play standing up (but who can dare play the Telecaster sitting?) Because the weight determines the position of your dreams.
Do you get the right sound easy? Again: how not having the right sound with this absolute rve? One technique: all the buttons back and just use the comuter three positions to change mood.


The Telecaster is the perfect rhythm guitar rock. The best combination guitar / amp I enjoy it but it's a got-to Telecaster Marshall JCM800 is double body (also vintage).
The best sound you get is a lightweight and a lot of crunch power. In this case, you put all the clubs, all the rooms, all stages your feet.


The neck is strait qu'agrable especially in the use that is for me the essence of the vintage Telecaster: the rhythm. L you can see why Keith Richards, Joe Strummer, Bruce Springsteen Chrissie Hynde and never CPDA of this guitar.
C kills!
There is talk of the rock'n'roll no dmonstration.
The Telecaster is the perfect rhythm guitar rock. When I play rock I can use something else.
If you want to rock, true, effective as of the artists pr-cits among other things, you try an old Tele and never look away. But if it's knitting on round you prfrez, rvisez "History" and repeat your key is that you still lack the spirit.
Yes, it is mind we are talking about when you put your hands on this guitar live.