Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster
Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster

Johnny Hallyday Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

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raph18 10/31/2004

Fender Johnny Hallyday Telecaster : raph18's user review


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Good Mexican is a skyscraper as we know thanks to the serial number preceded by the famous "MZ" but no "made in mexico".
good as other Mexican retail sleeves to 21 boxes.
simple three microphones, the microphones are intermediate shaft is the same.

the bridge is vintage style, however, is the one with six bridges, a small detail ... the guitar comes with the famous "ashtray" micro cache and bridge, but hey it's visually beautiful but it's annoying ergonomics standard ... with the mute is impossible but it is removable by hand, I personally removed.
mechanics are vintage.

the beautiful has three microphones, it's pretty rare on a telecaster and thus close to an electronic strato, 5-way switch, however, has only one tele knob tone for all pickups and a volume knob .

Note on my model a slight (very slight) days at the junction body / neck but nothing too serious, if the heel is in line with the handle of dimension no complaints. I removed the handle and the interior finish is neat.

black paint and chrome hardware skid plate like chrome fittings.


I loved the handle, very nice, satin, access to acute is the same as a TV no complaints about it.

the TV does not have a muzzle this one is no exception to the rule, I play sitting and standing and quite honestly it's not uncomfortable.
the guitar is very well balanced it does not address at all, however, record the weight a bit heavier than my other guitars (US stratocaster standard, jag stang etc ...) but hey ca remains reasonable.

his level, what about? I play on a huge silver and Kettner edition (transistor 50 watts), I did not test on the lamp. the clean sound is INCREDIBLE! the distortion is not super powerful but beautiful is quite docile, I do not know if they get caught on the metal (bring a good pedal, if not change the microphone) but otherwise everything goes almost a condition of a tease little pots of the amp, but hey you get it something good without taking the head.


I play pop-rock songs (cranberries, police) alternative rock (nirvana. ..) punk, quite honestly the guitar follows without difficulty.

I play two amps:
Huge-and Kettner 50 watt (1HP) silver edtition
1000-fender rock pro, 100 watts (prémapli tube, 1 HP) with a celestion speaker marshall 4HP (not tried this amp on there ...)

DS2-boss (distortion)
BF2-boss (flanger)

the sound is crystal clear to her the fat (but hey it does not fall into the sound of the humbucker neck anyway) the 5-way switch allows a broad and sound pallette interssante for a wide range of style and thus pieces.

saturation can make it slightly from the feedback and is flexible enough, however, the saturation will be "dirty" or because grace (grace for me is) the single microphone.

but I insist once again that this scraper is super versatile.


I use it for a month.
I love the look, but I'm not a fan of Jojo, but I must say that Fender has produced a good scratch, and the sound is WAOUUUUUUUUUU.

I actually flashed on the appearance del'nstrument, I wanted to buy a telecaster but I did not know the existence of this model, I played with her and I really enjoyed.

value for money is relatively high but hey who said that nothing was negotiable ... good and then the model is good enough.

Note that this is a limited edition 300 copies.

with the experience? of course I buy it. I do not really regret: the sound + the look nothing to say ... starting € 12 (or less if you take a lambda plate) if you want to remove the name "Johnny Cash" by replacing the plque of mache.