Fender TLR-135 Richie Kotzen Telecaster
Fender TLR-135 Richie Kotzen Telecaster

TLR-135 Richie Kotzen Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Artist Telecaster series.

guigue26 01/20/2007

Fender TLR-135 Richie Kotzen Telecaster : guigue26's user review


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This guitar is made only by fender japan.

handle a button mapple has 22 super jumbo frets, it has a radius of 305 minutes and is quite thick, not to say that c is half a baseball bat!

the pickups are DiMarzio, a "the chopper" position, which is acute in double-single format, and a twang king in the neck position which is a real simple format telecaster.

the bridge is a fixed bridge telecaster modern type.

there on this guitar a 3 position selector, one volume, but no tonalitee.

button vested in the tonalitee on other guitars, acts here as a phase switch in position two of the selector.
So we are left with four sounds instead of 3 on a telecaster standart.


To speak of the handle I would say that it is a bit confusing at first to be that we play on an ibanez guitar style!

The handle is very thick and very well filled by hand.
c is the opposite of all ibanez handles very very end.
against by the key is fairly flat, which is very very nice to dislocate.

each access to acute n is neither easier nor more difficult thing than other telecaster.

The body is ash, so n is not super light, but that s not the mahogany either, so c is a good compromise.

the sound of this guitar has nothing to do with the sound of a "real" telecaster, for it is a telecaster boosted, which can afford to tackle problem without all styles of music.


I was looking for a guitar with the Personalities, especially a guitar with a neck of a man and a guitar with a minimum fault which to fight for that it sounds.

c is done, I also wanted a guitar with a fixed bridge, because I love him too n the vibrato.

this guitar was crystal clear sounds at will, but ausii muffled sounds in jazz.
may have a well gras, but also very very sharp and precise thanks to the double format simple bridge.
Crunch sounds are the strong point of this guitar (if have can find a weak point !!!).
and games with the volume is a pure delight.

THERE is absolutely nothing detestable on this beautiful guitar.


I used the last 4 months, and I apreciated the more, every day passing by.

Special features of, or Particularities that I like best! the guitar itself, which for me is "THE" ultimate guitar.
side face c is a telecaster, and c cell dimension is a gibson SG to summarize the situation.

j've tried a LOT of models of the advan-t aquérir, and I've even bought a guitar that I have sold away and ordered another guitar with him at the last moment j cancels the order for this REPLACED BY!

The report price is qualitée exeptionnel like majoritee Japanese products which fiabilitee, and finishes qualitée n is more to do.

I think this guitar is no longer available outside of Japan, so I'll keep mine for life, and I already think I am even make it to one another by a luthier or the day will be tired.

If I had to make the same choice? without any hesitation.

I recommend this instrument to all those who want a guitar that can abiorder all styles, I have bin told all.
the handle is big, but after c is impossible to board on a stick type ibanez jem.