Fullerton Nashville
Fullerton Nashville

Nashville, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fullerton.

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pierrot36 12/24/2009

Fullerton Nashville : pierrot36's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
purchased by curiosity to see what it is! 109 euros on the net
Chinese quality microphones clown (well for the price!) but vaguely in the spirit of tl
low output
limessur fret not slice the neck, they grate hands
wooden stick? done enough crate, a composite of wood scraps from various sources
mechanics, bridge, knobs, electronic not bad for the price
Stand Strong
body which makes her feel the weight and quality on the other hand


thin neck but not pleasant because of the hoops that grate hands (finishing the race DSIR)
weight pretty good
the original sound in mind tl but less body and relatively low output
but the sound is good for 109 euros


in fact, I changed the pickups one hour APRS
PARALLEL I bought in the Lindy Fralin blues! more expensive than the guitar
a soldering iron shot and presto, its very suitable for 200 euros while


1 year
with good microphones, made a relief not tlde CHRE
it is not on the same wood as my tl U.S. seeing anything
but for 200 euros in the final!
I m'clate well