G&L Tribute ASAT Special
G&L Tribute ASAT Special

Tribute ASAT Special, TLC-Shaped Guitar from G&L in the Tribute ASAT series.

jibb 01/19/2008

G&L Tribute ASAT Special : jibb's user review


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22 frets,
2 single coil pickups with high gain,
G & L bridge very nice, no clutch,
volume and tone pots of very good quality, we feel, when you turn the pots, a quality that inspires resistance,
unvarnished maple neck.

I am told that the mail is exactly the same as for the US models, and for the handle, except in regard to the finish (painted on the models US)


The handle is very cozy to use. Personally, I prefer the handle to the patent US models: it slides better ...
The guitar is balanced so that it ends up horizontally if you play standing with a strap. I was a little unbalanced at the beginning, I am a user of PRS and the handle is held slightly above the body of the guitar. I found it funny on the spot that the handle falls as much on the G & L, but it only lasted a few seconds ... it's not too unsettling anyway!
TUE sound! I compared two models with USD. These have a little more gain, quickly tested. I think maybe just because of the quality of the timber body and assembly of the handle that allow better sustain and a more uniform vibration from head to body. Otherwise, I do not see why I spit three times the price for a US ... the wear of years will tell me perhaps? For now, this sound is perfect for me!


I have more gain than my PRS (EC-22, not even an SE !...) for mids and high frequencies! The sound is very malleable, we feel greatly change the influence of micro and tone pot. We pass on deaf almost slamming a very jazz Nashville. The central location makes us very well the qualities of the two microphones, without losing momentum as some other guitars ...
I tested in stores on a super 50W tube amp ENGL ... Wow! Clean, dirty clean, distortion blues / dirty metal: everything goes well with this guitar ... on this amp! Peavy Delta Blues on my 210 it makes exactly the sound I was looking for. An ear clip which slammed into the bridge position, slamming a hot round in the neck position and a soft striking twice. That contrasts badly with my PRS (that's what I wanted) for the sound. I may have trouble playing the blues on my PRS now! .. It also contrasts a lot with my Peavy with microphones mounted Fender Delta Tone for gain and presence. (Again, this guitar was a good choice for me who wanted to change my sounds)


I've had three weeks and I have a lot of fun to play with. I temporarily abandoned my PRS for this little youth! ...

I love the ease it brings to the game, I love her look, I love the sound it discharge. Its gain is extremely impressive for the single coil.

I noticed that she was against by not always sensitive to every position of play w / r in selected micro ... but it can also be seen on other guitars. It's just that it's a slam that is affected when one notices a little more than a guitar with a greater frequency range (comme. .. on my PRS, which is more "constant" in sound, regardless of the microphone, whether it attacks the top or bottom of the handle) Again, this is a retail and guitarists like SRV would be screwed because they often change their major based micro desired positions of play ...

The value for money is completely insane, incredible, amazing and ... and .. ! I paid 270 euros ... New!

I tried loads of makes and models. This one stood out for its price, its sound (which is exactly what I wanted), the quality of the finish (I like the sleeves unvarnished, they get dirty and become beautiful !...), SPEED quality potentiometers and switch ... Also, at my store (Music Gagné et Frères, rue Durocher Quebec City) is offering two years of free service, on site, the purchase of a stringed instrument, then! ...