Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit T-Style
Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit T-Style

Electric Guitar Kit T-Style, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

jofal62 10/16/2011

Harley Benton Electric Guitar Kit T-Style : jofal62's user review

«  Well ..... amazing! »

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from: Thomann, origin, probably China
3 vintage bridge saddles, I bought a separate, six adjustable saddles, ropes traversing.
I also bought a kit for remote microphones hot Wilkinson, the bushings, I was hesitant to change the mechanical direct by fender, I will see
the rest: basswood body in two parts, well shaped, neat knockouts, round nickel frets fully inserted, although filed, nothing to say.
the electronic part: when I set all (though it is pre-wired) nothing worked, no sound at all. as the user guide is in German ...
so I found on the net connections of a standard TV, I just soldered to the plate that I had and I just rewired and it works!
The potentiometers are still "on / off"


thick neck, but that suits me (I have a Gibson SG, I'm not out of place)
once settled the action, harmonics, guitar sounds like a TV, it slams, it's clear, sharp, well there are characteristic twang is what I wanted. ergonomics: it's a TV, it's heavy (compared to my SG)
the sound is very accurate.


the sounds range from crystal to overdrive, after distortion is not great.
I currently play with a Fender G in December, I prefer the sounds clean and it does


the advice I give is that it's a nice kit to have fun, well done, but I think we should turn all the hardware (mechanical potentiometers, strings, bridge ...) and all replaced by the adaptation of best quality.
with that for 150 euros, I have a good TV that is well worth a squier. and it was I who did it (4 coats of green lagoon, six coats of varnish), some stickers. look fabulous, my son wants the same!