Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II
Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II
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lorac 03/21/2005

Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II : lorac's user review


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REFERENCE or read on site squier is made in indonsie.comme everyone knows it is fitted with 2 p90 there is a switch 3p each microphone has a volume and a tone that is agr able.la quality of plastic knobs I put a small note but they are the efficaces.je obtained against a godin sd series may not be the way to the site of Godin, the first model.


The round is a round fender all simply. It does its job. it is enjoyable. the sound we get it of course.


My amp is a peavey studio pro 112. American trs sound it can send the bass distortion. the blonde with my amp that marries well be. those who steal from the blond hard they are wrong. p90 is not with the hard fact qun May actives.la blonde with microphones it gives clear sound and fat but also in large measure dpend the amp. because I assay on a big amp fender blues Plutos, surprise she sent the blues but serious. surprise with my amp is Different. the tape is in the metal. I love all the sounds of the blonde.


So yes yes yes ca. I have given a godin sd and I am telling the blonde trs because there is not only bad guitar bad guitar player. end I've had a journ ONLY. May the price for the blonde is unbeatable. armony's ok, the sound clear a wonderful, disto adonf. maintenat I have I keep it.