Stagg T320
Stagg T320

T320, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Stagg in the Standard series.

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vincent palmer 03/31/2012

Stagg T320 : vincent palmer's user review

«  A copy of bluffing telecaster »

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Made in China, this is an entry level guitar built with the same wood species as the original fender. The alder body which, at this price is unique! The guitar at the reception was not resolved and the game string of poor quality. After setting the action, the neck, changing strings and adjusting the height of the microphones, I am holding a Telecaster copy of the same level as the entry-level Fender made in MEXICO sold at 500 euros . An instrument that is faithful to the original. For cons, the strings are not through-but it does not hinder the sustain is very bon.D Indeed, some models TELECASTER had no strings traversing: to beginning in the 50s and the 70s. So a small difference compared to the original model, but a difference which shows that we are dealing with a entry level guitar like the Squier Affinity Telecaster, which is less than the Stagg ST 320 and 80 euros more expensive!


The handle is comfortable key is rosewood, not maple. The guitar weighs the consequences of a weight alder body. The sound is typically that of a TELECASTER: bridge pickup "twangi" intermediate position particularly enjoyable, neck pickup a little behind (as in the original model).


A perfect guitar for country, blues and rock'n'roll.


I use it for a week. I do not regret my purchase, even though I ordered a guitar with maple fingerboard (to have a metallic sound as possible), despite the error in terms of delivery performance sound of the guitar I decided to keep . So to summarize, if you seek his telecaster for under 100 euros, do not hesitate! Roxanne Police Play with and you will understand that this is a Telecaster you have in your hands. Just do it!