Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS
Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS

EX 12"x09" system ISS, Tom from Pearl.

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BGugino 08/28/2008

Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS : BGugino's user review


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This is one of my rack toms that came with my Pearl ELX drum kit. I have been playing it for about a year and a half now and it’s been producing the sounds that I love ever since I got it. It does have its pros and cons though.

I’ll start with the things that I love about this drum. First off, the great thing about all of the drums in the Pearl ELX series is all of the great finishes that you can get them in. Everything from black sparkle, pure colors to fades, Pearl really brought out some creativity with these drums. Next, the thing that I really love about the toms on the set is that they’re made out of Poplar wood, making the drums very light compared to some drums made of a heavier wood like Birch or Oak. Another thing that I like about them is the tone that they provide. The 6-ply configuration makes it a pretty wide open sound. With the right combination of drum heads you can produce about any drum sound with them; very versatile. Lastly, I loved the I.S.S tom mounting system that they all came equip with. You can get your drums positioned to a very custom style, and slip the memory locks down so that they’re stuck there. Everything about the I.S.S is great.

Next, the cons of the tom drum of the Pearl ELX drum set. There’s really only one concern that I have with the drums, and it’s the fact that they dent pretty easily. If you slip your tom out of the I.S.S socket and it slips down and hits another drum, most likely you’re going to get a little dent. But other than that, the drums are great! If you were upgrading your toms, I would definitely suggest these!