Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS
Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS

EX 12"x09" system ISS, Tom from Pearl.

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superapollo 09/25/2008

Pearl EX 12"x09" system ISS : superapollo's user review


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So as I am putting together my Pearl kit, and I've decided on the Pearl snare and Pearl Bass drum, I figure I'll stick with a brand I have grown to trust. Don't get me wrong, if you are putting together a kit, don't be afraid to mix up brands, you might find the right sound comes from a certain tom, but your snare has got to be another brand. For me I got what I wanted with the BLX toms. The BLX 12 by 9 is my baby tom and I visit often. If you love melody, you will feel the melody come to life on these toms. I love to explore non-solo melodic interplay with my band, and these toms do so well. I am not throwing in a fill, but finding the right sound to fit a certain pre chorus moment, or even laying a little tom in with the chorus. I love melody and if you want to find it in your drumset, start with a set of Pearl toms. It takes a train ear, so get started right away, and take drumming to the level you know you can be at!