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Thread EU vs US pricing

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1 EU vs US pricing
Question for the masses. I currently live in Thailand after having lived in the US. I have been a loyal supporter of Toontrack over the years but just this week when I went to purchase a few new items I got a nice dose of sticker shock. My purchase was for 5 items and was shown a cart price of 536€ ($595) when I clicked to purchase, the price changed to USD and I assume up charged to my perceived region $689 (618€) and near $100 upcharge for an online product.

I took screenshots both before and after clearing my cookie and it's pretty clear that they are up charging USD purchases by an additional 20%.

I contacted them and they keep ignoring the information and saying that the conversion rate fluctuates continually, so I looked into the last year and there has at no point been a time when the USD was much different than a few cents conversion rate wise and surely nothing in the 20% range.

Now considering how much I've spent over the years (I own almost all their products) I am more than a little miffed they have been treating their US customers this way. As of today, I am done purchasing any further products from them. Just figured other US customers might want to know what is going on.toontrack-2792156.png

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