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SeriesToontrack Superior Drummer

Thread is superior drummer the right software?

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1 is superior drummer the right software?
the drummer in our band quit just as we started recording our music. we decided to program the drums instead, and Ive heard that superior drummer is the good choice

it seems interesting from videos I've seen, but I still don't know one key thing: how well does SD work with tempo changes? our band's music often includes tempo changes and no video I've seen helps deal with that

also, can I import tracks into superior drummer to help program drums to? kind of like tracing a painting to recreate it?
what you're talking about has more to do with your DAW (Pro Tools, Studio One, Ableton, etc) than superior drummer. SD essentially is a bunch of drum samples, which you can program with more detail within your DAW.

Regarding drum-related VSTs, superior drummer is imho one of the best. EZDrummer is more than enough as well, if you need something more affordable.

What I would do is learn more about how to get started with programming drums. check out this tutorial:

Thanks for responding, the tutorial was great.

Right now I have FL and Reason, so I just wanted to confirm that Superior Drummer works with fruity loops? If so, can I export the FL file as a .wav and import into Reason? I would just prefer not to use SD directly with reason as I find FL to be much easier to use (as you can tell, I'm new to all of this)

So does that mean Superior Drummer is a plugin? and not a stand alone like Fruity Loops?

thanks for helping and apologies if these are dumb questions :|
superior drummer is a VST. it reads MIDI then maps it to audio samples taken from real drummers. It can sit on a track on a DAW much like you'd sit amplitube or various other effects and plugins.

there is a standalone but it's not very useful. obviously from your questions you should do a lot of research and watch more tutorials before posting because many of these questions are too vague or generic to really be able to help you out. good luck