GB40, Transmitter/Receiver from AKG.

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Gus7.0 12/07/2006

AKG GB40 : Gus7.0's user review


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I bought this wireless for my bass.

THE FIRST thing that struck me was the size of the director, really tiny and lightweight, enough to keep quiet about the instrument.
It is powered by a single battery type LR03 (AAA), so be sure to always have door hand, autonomy is not gniale. I used that with rechargeable batteries, about six to eight hours of battery life.

Door: no problem, has not only dcroche and aragi without latency.

Sound: a guitar, it trs own, a little breath, but nothing mchant.
On a passive bass: same, nickel works.
On a low active: dsillusions, the sound saturates, even with the gain rglage at least on the GB40, and as my main use is with active basses, I'm obliged to t back to the store.

J'cris If this opinion is not to go down this product is of good quality but to warn future users bassists. It seems that at AKG, we do not thoroughly test the product. I prcise The models of my basses that are saturating the GB40: Ibanez SR400 micro Bartolini, EMG Ibanez SR800 micro and Washburn XB400.
Note that in the store, I also test with an Ibanez SR500, and has worked flawless, like what, the best thing to try before buying.

Even when I did a concert with, and it's really nice to be able to jump around, not afraid to pull the cable, and GB40 is really good condition to the small Velcro (supplied) on instrument, say nothing of the ct.

Finally, I got drawback but it is a pity, because apart from this problem too lev gain is a good product in its price range.