Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Boss TR-2 Tremolo

TR-2 Tremolo, Tremolo pedal from Boss.

Echo tango 10/23/2005

Boss TR-2 Tremolo : Echo tango's user review


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Analog tremolo pedals.
SETTING THE speed, depth and waveform.
External power supply or 9V battery. In / out jack 6.35
Casing in classic Boss. Indestructible.


Not need a tray to draw qquechose +. Having bought used 3 years ago, I did not have the manual but again you can do without.


I use it for my guitars and the sound is honnte trs. However, two points should be:
1 * your exact varies the signal that passes through the effects loop of the amp or is that branch of Manir classic "guitar / effect / amp" (the effect is so + INTERESTED pronounced if you are fan of tremolos "ax")
2 * lgre a noticeable drop in volume when the effect is activated. Changes are to be remdier but for some reason I do not undertake it ...


3 years, this has never lch pedals like any other Boss elsewhere.
For the price, I can hardly complain. If a replacement was needed, given the little space available on my board, I plunged back in Boss or other mark whose dimensions are virtually the same.