Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo
Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo
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judeisback 02/10/2008

Dunlop TS-1 Tremolo : judeisback's user review


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Trmolo Stereo analog.

between guitar, Stereo output and that's it for the connection


The config is super simple.


Trs nice sound, we can not say otherwise

trmolos probably one of the best that exists and is one of my favorite effects so I know what I say.


I possde 2 years

j'crit this opinion, because it seems important to say that the pedals a standard default: no volume boost.

in fact, the oscillation noise so you hear the upper part of the signal trs soon as APRS, the wave goes down.

ot trs problmatique is because of the coup, the human ear hears a final volume lowest output in between, so every snap, you lose the sound.

considering the price, they would have to put a boost, and I still can not figure out how do you engage ingnieurs as bad as the problem of volume on trmolo, has been known for lamps, the sound of APRS different pedals is a matter of taste.

a brief pedals with amazing legends of a rat, as in electro harmonix elsewhere.

It does not make the pedals useless, but it's serious shit!