MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo
MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo

M159 Stereo Tremolo, Tremolo pedal from MXR.

hthomas 04/28/2012

MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo : hthomas's user review

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Great tremolo pedal from MXR. Does stereo panning and regular tremolo. Three knobs, two footswtiches.


This pedal is super easy to use. IT nails nay kind of cool tremolo effect you could want


Sounds are superb! Great tremolo sounds coming from this pedal. MXR hit it on the spot with this one. I used to have the old original version. This one is just as good if not better than the original they made


I wanted a tremolo to give some vintage texturing to my sound and I'm very happy with this box. Its sounds fantastic, no noise or tone sucking, can do stereo tremolo, has nice big metal knobs that can be adjusted by foot. Tap tempo would have been nice, but not a big deal for me. It's a bit larger than other tremolos but that's ok. It uses 18V DC ~20mA, but most modern pedal board power supplies can handle that voltage easy enough. Goes through 2x 9V batteries at a time so you really should have a power supply anyway.