Ampeg GVT15-112
Ampeg GVT15-112

GVT15-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg in the GVT series.

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la.boulanderie 08/09/2013

Ampeg GVT15-112 : la.boulanderie's user review

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It is a tube amp for guitar that signed Ampeg brand most famous bassists. main features are:

Switching Power: 15 Watt - 7.5 Watt
1 channel
Pan open back
Preamplifier lamps: 2 x 12AX7
Lamps amplifier: 2 x 6V6GT
1 speaker 12 "Celestion Thomann
3-band EQ
Effects loop
Spring reverb switchable
5 outputs for external speakers on Jack: 16 Ohm, 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm
Dimensions: 485 x 457 x 254mm
Weight: approx. 19 kg


This is a very simple to use amp when the principle of tube amps are known. The manual is succinct but the key is there but only in English.


see overall view


To better explain my opinion, it seems to me useful to briefly introduce my career as a guitarist. I practice the electric guitar for 32 years. My first amp was a roland cube 60 and a yamaha 100 watts (copy of the twin reverb but transistor). Therefore not extraordinary guitar amps even if yamaha was not so bad. Then I stopped the live music for the home studio for 20 years. So I lost the habit of playing and hear amps since I played with the simulation models (without amp, pod, AdrenaLinn, guitar rig, ...).
There is a fifteen year I bought a Peavey Classic 30 amp on replay for fun at home. This has not been a success since this amp blew a lot (very annoying at low volumes) that volume was too loud and finally the sound was never really convinced me. More recently I bought a bugera V5 to get back to the amp because the power was adjustable and it was cheap. This little trick has amused me but I wanted to have a real quality amp. I was ready to pay the price this time it. So I started looking for the perfect amp for playing blues rock blues and I'm not against a little jazz or country.
I saw demos of this amp tone king has been my reference to look. I wanted an enclosure 12 for a fuller sound. Rating of the Fender Blues Deluxe could please me but the power is too strong to play at home. The Bugera V22 has me a little worried about reliability. Tubes Meister Hughes and Kettner have me much but the 5 watt Combo has no reverb or effects send. The 18 watt combo has reverb but the price begins to rise. The Laney Lionheart look nice but critical to the reliability made me hesitate and I was afraid it may be too powerful to play at home. I looked at many other brands but it still lacked something too powerful or too typical metal or no reverb and / or no insert effect, or too big, ...

Then I saw this Ampeg Thomann. It had all the features I was looking for an amazing price and 325 Euros. The brand is still a reference in the world of amps so this is reassuring. Videos and reviews on the net were pretty good. I told myself so let's go for the price there is less risk.

After a day of testing my impression is very very positive. I started the test with a half case mounted Seymour Duncan Jazz and a classic Stratocaster 50 (mexico) and my SR Les Paul type guitar and finally a copy of Es 335 mounted with Gibson pickups (57 and 57 +) .

The result is very convincing. The personalities of guitars are perfectly met. All pickups sound great on this amp. It highlights the characteristics of each scratch. The sound of the lamps is quite naturally compressed which gives a lot of banging in all its engardant a certain roundness. I would say a kind of encounter between the fender and vox sound with a little plex too.
The clean sound is really very good. With the gain at noon and volume at noon on crunch nicely if we support the notes. If you want the most consistent crunch you have to push the gain background. This is not an amp made for metal even if it accepts pedals very well.

The three-band EQ is very effective and can vary greatly sound palette. With acute at 3 am and 9 am mediums is approached fender and is ideal for country, funk and other music magnet of christalines attacks. The medium position interacts with other EQ settings and it really expands the registry.

HP is a Celestion. It offers a truly perfect answer for me.

The sound is clean, no breath, no annoying buzz with simple micrs winding.

The least because there are few, it is the reverb is usable but average, the amp is no bag and no footswitch. The look is pretty east germany 70s but it may appeal.

Attention also to the power even as it sends 7 watt already strong. In a house is good but a little apart this may cause problems with the neighbors. In contrast the 15 watt is enough for repet see a small room.

To me this amp, with all these features (reverb, effect send, footswitch input can cut and reverb effect devpuissance attenuator, 3-band EQ, Standby) at this price point and with this sound is exceptional. I really invite the curious to discover this game. There is a model w 5 months still expensive.

If reliability is the rendezvous, I will keep this amp even years.