Bad Cat Cougar 15
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Dreadredred 01/11/2013

Bad Cat Cougar 15 : Dreadredred's user review

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Everything is on thomann:
All lamp: 312Ax7 + 2EL84
15 watt (largely for group play)
1 hp 12 'celestion v30
A spring reverb "ruby tubes"
A tone selector 4 positions
Bass, treble, volume (gain), reverb, presence, master


It's plug 'n play.
The manual is completely useless.
One branch, we play, it's too easy.


So for her, it rocks. The gain is quite monstrous, something like the Fender Twin sound ala Ty Segall. The saturation sounds a little fuzzy, not very metal like. The 4 position selector is very convenient, the first position is more in the mids like vox, other positions are more U.S. fender, pretty cool. For this price it's pretty cool. The reverb is expressive, just intrusive towards the end of the race, but extremely usable.
Crunches are the strong suit crunch / saturation, it sounds super good. 


I've tried a lot of style, but for him I played all out: a single test on youtube but bonnnes critical, I'm not disappointed. The price / quality ratio is buzz.