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riggs2 09/12/2005

Bedrock 651 : riggs2's user review


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I have a head in 600 series, which is unusual because it was purchased in the United States and have n ever found in france.c is a 25 W, it has a clean channel and reverb with a crunch blah .. but forbids it very very well against other ad which burn the char to see that price so you should have seen what it would cost 10 years ago (2 times less ...)


Personally I think this amp has nothing to envy a mesa boogie, I think it sounds better and that his point of view it's full of deadly Carment chaleur.enfin. Channel reverb works with a footswitch and has as a buckle effect of blowing a bit but the tip that I have to give you if you have a c is to add a little resistance on the clean channel to cut off a little breath without affecting the quality and the last one stanby to properly protect the lamps.


It is very much good enough for me to cash it blues and good old rock smoothly and completed your piece with a warmth and a grain irreplaceable, either a low or high volume gives a performance you've egal.j jou on Gibson Les Paul Custom that I've sold D elsewhere and I play a LAG 72 changes and a stratum. for those who love the sound clean and well-snapping crunch has AC / DC I recomand.


I own this amp for 3 years and I just tell you that having considered a boutique zic 'j are seen in the pass amplis.En regarding the quality RAPORT price I just say anything because c is not found and if you own a keep well.