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Bugera 6262-212 : Anonymous 's user review


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What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)?

So this is an all-tube combo amp: 4x and 6x 12AX7 6L6
The 6L6 can be replaced with EL34.
Need I say more ... except that the lamps are not high end. Fortunately, the lights, it will change! (Electro Harmonix, Sovtek, Mesa ...)

What connection?

So at the connectors were in before the guitar (yes, this is no joke. At the back you can plug in an effects loop (send and return a), we also output for a preamp, an input for the footswitch (supplied with the beast) and finally we have two inputs for connecting the unit to an external speaker (it must be set on the impedance in this case, which can be modified by 4 , 8 and 16 Ohms). And we even have a power to the amp, as it does not work with solar energy. The connectors that are complete, not as a dual rectification, it is on but still well provided for an amp of this range.

What is the power delivered?

Well, let's not kid ourselves, 120W lamps, it's totally unusable at full speed (at least to use its 120W to demolish a building in New York). I play myself in a room of 15 square meters and I just push the amp to 1 for not having a boiling sound. When I play with my drummer, with the amp volume on 3, I amply covers the battery. So I can not imagine the volume beyond 5. Perhaps in concert outside, it must throw serious, to see ...

What are the settings, the effects?

Let's start with the settings. We have two fully independent channels. The clean channel has a 3 band EQ, a gain knob, a volume of a presence and a reverb. You can spend the clean channel in "bright" and crunch, and combine the most bright crunch, giving you a sound that I would call "crunch +".
At the lead channel, like it was a 3-band EQ, a gain knob, a volume of a presence and a reverb.

The sound of the clean channel is clean, very hot, very round and deep.
The sound of the lead channel is violent when the gain is cranked but becomes slightly runny once the gain beyond 5. Even if the sound is even "listenable" if you are on 6, 7 or 8.
We note directly that it is the sound of an amp and not to all transistor lamps, incredible heat that the sound emerges.
This amp can also be used for heating in winter, if you play more than an hour without pause, the temperature of the beast will rise dramatically.
The only regret about this amp is the sensitivity of equalization which may seem very superficial when compared to an equalization of mesa boogie where everything is done in millimeter. THE downside here.
As for the reverb, nothing to say, it gives more depth to the sound, especially clean and distortion (for use with the neck pickup of your guitar is sublime).
The presence of knob is very useful to give her a sharper, more incisive. (Note that the knob becomes sensitive from 8).


The architectural configuration is simple, no complaints.
The manual I laminated because it was delivered. It is more or less clear, not need a degree in ENGINEERING sound.
We get a good sound when playing with the knobs, there is no secret.
With a pedal like the MXR Fullbore metal that I have, you have already taken five times longer to find THE sound. Nothing really bad, music is a passion, no!


I play blues, rock, folk, metal and it fits without flinching. It does its job. I mainly play a Les Paul and I can assure you that the sound is fantastic, we get different sounds depending on the guitar I think, and according to the pedals. I would not say more at this level for the sound of your amp will also depend on your setup guitar, pedals, and of course, your cables! Very important cables.
There is not a sound I do not like about this amp, and yet I'm quite demanding for the sound.


I use it for 7 or 8 months now and I think I have enough perspective to judge the beast, which is of good quality for a price that may seem trivial. Previously, I had the opportunity to test the Mesa, Lagoba, ENGL, Laney, Marshall, and I can tell you that the great name of amplification may fade before the Bugera. I'm not saying that the Bugera transcends these brands, but at the sound quality, power, I would say that borders on equality.
Aside from that, its vintage look is nice, the finish is correct (no wooden luxury as the Mark V mesa), weight is important for a combo (about 30kg). Fortunately I do not go anywhere.
In conclusion, this is a very good amp, the controversial reputation, because it is the Bugera (aka behringer) and purists in ENGL, Randall, Soldano, Mesa Boogie, etc. ... find this amp very "cheap". Me I should but it is obvious that if I win the lottery I would look at the "big brands".
Just for the price, do not hesitate (again, I think it down).