mattbassiste07 03/11/2014

Bugera V22 : mattbassiste07's user review

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Tube Amp (all-tube)
All the connections you need, nothing missing (fx send / return, 2 hp output, impedance switch, switch triode pentode)

22 watt tamped
Level settings eq responds well although I find it a slight lack of roundness, but it is a Hp 12 "solo with open cab, I have not tested other configuration, so I not blame.

The clean sound is a surprising, very powerful, very clear (that is what is asked) and above can grow without it saturates so excellent channel to put all your favorite small pedals.
The overdrive channel is ok but you have to play a lot with the eq to get a nice sound (there's also the boost but I find it useless as possible to actuate the pedal and out of the question to play with all the time). Personally I am not in use.

To be objective in this price range, you will find no better, the pure light with all the connections, scalable by plugging a cab in addition, changing lamps ect, a good foundation, rather than buying a 50w transistor for 200 euros and save a little more Take this amp, you will never be disappointed of quality / price ratio.


Very simple


Yes it is versatile, except for large metalheads


2 years