Diezel Einstein Combo
Diezel Einstein Combo

Einstein Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Diezel.

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nicocostantini 03/15/2011

Diezel Einstein Combo : nicocostantini's user review

« Not only a Metal Monster... »

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The Diezel Einsten is available as a 50W or 100W all tube head, or as a 50W combo. All units are hand made in Germany. It is a 2 channel amp with independent EQ for each channel
Also equipped with 2 loops: a parallel and Serial and can take a wide variety of power amp tubes: EL34, 6550, and has external bias points. Mine is equipped with Ruby El34BHT (stock tubes)

Channel 1 has three independent modes that share the same EQ: Clean, Crunch and Mega. And channel 2 is the Lead channel. Both voiced specifically for their purpose

Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Depth and Dual Master Volumes (Footswitchable). No MIDI.

The back of the amp has inputs for 4, 8 and 16 Ohm loads, as well as the Send and Returns for both effects loops and the footswitch


Very easy amplifier to set up and dial in the sounds. Sounds very good with all knobs at 12' Oclock. The construction is top notch, the attention to detail is spectacular. The customer support from Diezel is first class, although I have never had a single issue with the amp. The amplifier is easy to service and change tubes due to the external bias points, which avoids having to send the amp to a qualified tech every time you want to change something.


The amp is not only a metal monster as one might expect. It is the most vintage voiced of all the Diezel line, with the exception of the Schmidt.

Channel 1 Mode 1 (Clean): The clean channel is really good for a high gain amp. It is a very neutral sounding clean. Goes from very clean to slight breakup, depending of course on the guitar and nature of the pickups.

Channel 1 Mode 2 (Texas): This channel can do everything and might be the flagship of the amplifier. It goes from clean with the volume rolled off in the guitar to JCM800 type Marshall tones. Hit it with a clean boost and you have enough gain for almost any application. Very british in nature, lots of note articulation and definition.

Channel 1 Mode 3 (Mega): Best suited for high gain rhythm playing. Can cope with detuned riffs easily and has a unique voicing that gives the Diezel trademark sound. The low end stays very tight. Can be used for soloing although it is not quite liquid. Has enough gain for any style including the heaviest of modern metal music.

Channel 2: Very liquid distortion better suited for soloing, has more gain than the Mega mode in the first channel. Lots of harmonics and definition. Excellent for what it is meant


My only complaint is that the modes on the first channel are not footswitchable and that the amplifier is not MIDI equipped.

Having said that the Diezel Einstein is a precision built quality amplifier that should last a lifetime.

I would buy the amp once again with no hesitation .