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buzziburn 12/16/2009

Dynacord Rex : buzziburn's user review


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amp of 1964 lamps
I think the power is 40 watts with 2 hp
he possesses a clear channel and a channel with tremolo
A beautiful shape and color
Ctte amp has no place in a studio than on stage, because it is fragile. and its transport is not ideal.
Atention if you want to do is weld rviser point by point.


amp, a guitar and you go up the volume. Do not worry about the world
good sound! "I do not like me "..... say who has?


I own a fender twin reverb, 1982 ..... nothing to see
I prfere heat from its clear on the Dynacord Rex. the attack is much better on the twin
A friend has a `Dynacord ... has listening, stupfait.
Receiving mine from me .... surprise, perfection does not exist but it is similar lot.
Amateur clear sound and the old .....( vox fender twin for moin CHRE) does not pass to rate this amp.
I use a boss ds1 distortion and it sounds really fucking over this pedal as the twin too.
No problem whatsoever in clear or distortion.


I use it for 6 months .......... a beautiful wish
I buy 250 euros and my time this is really correct.