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dfunk 06/20/2006

George Dennis Blue Beetle Mark II : dfunk's user review


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15 watts all tube amp, 3x ECC83 and 2x in pramp el 84 power, /


Asser use a simple but can prvoir rgl time to the sound you like


Its british par excellence, I bought it to fill in my "big stack" engl screamer, for configurations bar, small rooms, it has a hell of a pattate 15 watts (but it's all lamps) So send a correct. I use it in rpt with drummer and bass player who hits hard and I + song out of my Pingle games without any problem, in addition to a qual spar for the clean channel and the channel lead it possde 3 switch per channel for clean 1st: treeble shift 2ime: middle and select 3ime: bright, for the 1st lead: bright, 2ime: middle and select both the troisime knob brightness of reverb, Yep this little monster possde also a spring reverb worthy of the name. amp manufactured in Prague. The clean channel has a nice round sound with a pallette of Crystaline rglage asser important to find what we seek, the only small snag at the moment is when I play wha, I have trouble getting sound crmeux I like it, but can sound a loud (I think the hp 10 "is for sth) Finally we must spend a bit of time and the problem is rsoud for the lead channel sound is warm and trs is the lightweight bluesy crunch to the sound more rock'n'roll, full of harmonics. the sound is good but you have of a is time to find his rglage, especially when moving larger type or 2 * 12 4 * 12 has that little hp, but I will RPET this amp has a real super pattate and its brand lamps, the price remains a can lv around 850 euro, but it's really high-end gear, if you have questions about this combo qqs contact me at this address:,
I bought a guitar Denis Rousseau-import is the sole importer for France (as well as scratch italia retro-looking). I think this brand has a good chance to become famous in France for the quality of his amps and effects, see the manufacturer's website at this address:


Bought qqs weeks ago I did not drop a standard but I am satisfied and would return later post, APRS qqs concerts .....