Hughes & Kettner Puretone Combo
Hughes & Kettner Puretone Combo

Puretone Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Hughes & Kettner in the Puretone series.

iamqman 08/04/2011

Hughes & Kettner Puretone Combo : iamqman's user review

« Sweet little combo »

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Hughes and Kettner have some of the best sounding amplifiers on the planet. They have gotten a good marketing plan and have executed it quite well. They have have several artist join their team and some high profiles ones as well. They continue to make high quality guitar amps and their bass lines amp are some of the very best in the world.

This amp features 25 watts of power with only one channel. Is is a combo amp so you don't need an extra speaker cab, but you can hook one up to it using the speaker output. The power soak allows you to turn down the power to fit your room sound. A Great feature for those with volume issues. The growl feature is great to getting en even more saturated punchy distortion tone. A very unique and cool option.


Channels 1
Power 25 Watt
Poweramp 2x EL34
Preamp 2x 12AX7
Special Features Growl Control, Power Soak built in
Speakers 1x12'' Celestion Vintage 30
Protective Cover included
Dimensions 625 x 520 x 250 mm
Weight 25 kg/55 lbs


The clean tone of this amp is remarkable. I like this amp with just about any guitar you throw at it. It sounds spectacular with a nice Fender Stratocaster. It has a great classic and sparkly clean that fits for any style of music. The clean tone is just so good that a nice single coil guitar does wanders to this amp. Much better clean tone than the Triamp in my opinion. I like the distortion of this amp like all Hughes and Kettner amps, it has a firm beefy tone that is great for chugging. The feature control knob called growl is interesting to this amp. It allows to to dial in more of a modern voicing or lower it to get a simple tone. The low end will be a little stuffy in the combo compared to the head with the matching 4x12 cabinet. It won't push as much air and the while the tone will be the same the feeling of it will change a little bit.


Prices for Hughes and Kettner amps climb all over the board. I have seen new ones for $2750 and I have seen them for $2200. So depending on where you buy it you can see an incredible amount of mark up in the price. If you take 10 seconds and search online you find great deals on their entire line of amplifiers. I would recommend this amp to someone who wants a simple amp with not a lot of options but just a tone machine. Simple and easy with a great voicing and character.