Ibanez VBG Valbee
Ibanez VBG Valbee

VBG Valbee, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez.

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nano des bois 06/10/2012

Ibanez VBG Valbee : nano des bois's user review

«  a nice little lamp »

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a nice little amp lamps:

All Tube with a saturation a bit "transistor" but by small mods can be set.

Connectivity to the top:
it lacks an outlet for other HP and there are also tutorial.


Simple and effective. A little amp that can be at peace with its neighbors;
Yes I too prefer the rendering of a 100 watt grow in his last entrenchment has white lamps reddened ...
But it must be said that not happen often especially at home with neighbors and children :) .
So unless you're on a deserted island and have no friend (and hence no electricity).

So for all those who have a social life is more than enough.


Good light (it lacks a little reverb for my taste). But the report complies with the instrument.
To saturate the sound I think it sounds a bit 'tube screamer' as if it was sticking a foot green ;) . I love it but it may not appeal to everyone.
According to the purist it just disconnect the two diodes and put a cross (that's what I did) to be used: tube screamer sound.
Pure or sound tube.


A very good amp with a very effective equalizer. Who deserves to be studied for small budget or lamp for home use.

Note: I fate in a 2X12 cabinet and works very well even with a drummer REPET can a deaf. Well I'm not metal neo-Bourin ... well ... but it slams Enjoy