Ibanez VBG Valbee
Ibanez VBG Valbee

VBG Valbee, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez.

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satare 03/21/2009

Ibanez VBG Valbee : satare's user review


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Amp 5W Lamps,
Ffects loop without SETTING THE volume, headphone output.
Rglages volume, gain, treeble, medium, and bass prsence

An outlet baffle does more than many would view!
The speaker 8 "is pretty bad


Extra simple configuration is a single channel amp with a boost, no surprises. That said, would also have an output Footswich t good view (but ... We do not play in a group with this kind of amp ... Whatever )
I did not have the manual, but as with all amps of this kind, they only serve gnralement nothing.


Level Sound: Ok, the it works well; D I play mostly blues / rock with the clean sounds are really nice, they may be going on everywhere typs, thanks to the legalization active electronic

A high gain: it has against a distortion here trs go anywhere, I think. A decrease in volume can be heard when changing "channel" (this from two diodes that can be removed without problem, losing the characters nanmoins Hi Gain of it.)


I bought it in September 2008 and have jou "as is" for 3 months. Then I just wanted to amliorer: I opened the belly, I rout the son of the speaker to a female jack to give it a 4ohms hp output, and have deleted the 2 diodes cited above. Rsultat: What potato! In an apartment, I can not push more than 1 channel boost, which for once is more powerful than the clean channel (no normment, but all the same )
The gain level is greatly reduced up big I get an overdrive, but I do not regret the change at all (I built him a wooden box for the head amp into 4ohms and plays with pedals for overdrive / distortion upstream.)
-> Need the effects loop.
In short, a good investment base, which rvle be even better with a small modif (Especially if you buy OCCAZ ...)