Ibanez VBG Valbee
Ibanez VBG Valbee

VBG Valbee, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Ibanez.

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matt88 12/31/2010

Ibanez VBG Valbee : matt88's user review


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5W tube amp class A (6L6 power and a 12AX7 pre-amp).

Level connections: An instrument input, a headphone receiving the lamp power, an effects loop. A power switch is Pesenti (no kidding!) And a standby switch handy when not playing.

Then we have a 3-band active EQ (bass, middle, teble), a presence knob and a volume knob. Finally there is a little switch to switch from clear channel to channel saturation.

This small blue cube is equipped with a loudspeaker Ibanez Power Jam 8 "4 ohms.

I put the score of 8 because the effects loop is really good come on an amp in this category and the standby switch goes well too. I do not put 10 because I think the HP is ridiculous (they could have put a 12 inch anyway!) And a reverb'll have been well come as a footswith to change the channel right there but we fall into the tastes Luxury especially since the amp is really not expensive for what it offers.


Configuration on this amp is simple, no need "for science is knowing how to use a 3-band EQ!

I have not had a manual with the amp (bought used in a music store), but frankly it's no use, people take their French-English dictionary and then look for the translation of input and c ' is good!

There are some basic settings on the drawing board for bebeus who do not know his leu find themselves, but hey that's really what gadget!

I use to put the score of 9 because it is understood that the equalizer is active (ie it not only works by reducing frequencies, above 12 to amplify it.) & %&%&%&% sound level is really perfect to start discovering the "sound tubes".
Ok the Hp is a bit smaller, and consequently we lose one bit of definition in the bass but it just always change the speaker (4 or 8 ohms) without problems.

In his sound is crystal clear and warm, heaving a little gain is obtained crunch sounds (hummm! Chocolate!) Not too bad.
on the other hand must note a decrease in overall volume when changing channels (this because of two diodes in the circuit that can remove).
At the channel is not saturated at the same story sound, the sound really hi-gain at low volumes, I do not like (too dirty to me) but good between us I do not use the channel never saturated with the amp I'd rather use my own pedals for distortion.

The effects loop is really a pleasure significantly, especially in an amp of this class, I'm glad they thought of that at Ibanez.

Finally, for people who are afraid of the sound level of this amp (I recall that it is a 5 watt): do not worry the output level is very good (ok you will not make the Stade de France with) good quiet enough to play at home again and if your drummer is not a big nag.

I would put her at 9 because I was a little disappointed with the overdrive channel, the channel is clear, is really cool and delivers very good sound of the moment when one knows the master eq. As I said earlier it was really his "light" with this amp and it has very little play even with a volume of 5 watts, what more?


I have this amp for two months now, I used every day with great joy.
Pros:-loop effect
It's light that is present
-Very satisfying volume of output
Appreciable standby-switch

Cons:-speaker phone is too small
-Saturated channel too hi-gain
- A little toy at first glance (what an idea to make an amp blue!)

In conclusion I am very happy with this amp, I think that level for money it is unbeatable (€ bought 180 used). I would do without hesitation that choice, I really recommend it to all people who want a tube amp without breaking your back and want to piss without repeating quiet everyone. GO CREATE !!!!!!!!!!!


The bestseller among Ibanez deserves its reputation!