Laney LC30-112 III
Laney LC30-112 III

LC30-112 III, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the LC series.

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Joe-Rhys 01/21/2011

Laney LC30-112 III : Joe-Rhys's user review

«  A super amp; dynamite! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
we have before us a combo that delivers 30 watts tube.
HP is a heavenly 12 ".
for the lamps was 4X12AX7 to the preamp section and power section for 4XEL84.
the panel is separated into 3 parts, a section clean channel, a channel and a master drie.
Clean channel-section; gain, a bright button, bass, middle, treble and volume of the section.
a channel button to switch from section to section saturated clean and a red LED at the top.
Drive-section channel; drive, button "modern" bass, middle, treble and volume of the drive section.
-Master section; tone & reverb.
and finally, a red LED and two buttons, and standby power.
there are no onboard effects.


When we understand we have a switch to pass the clean channel to channel saturation, then all is well!
I do not know if there is a manual, I just tried it in stores, so ....
readily obtained a good sound and is even more slamming and saturation is better than my lionheart.


It suits all styles of music: jazz, funk, rock, metal ...
we get all kinds of sounds for all styles of music ...
will try it, the better!
I plugged a schecter omen extreme-6 in this great amp and, frankly, that was a long time that I had not heard such a good and beautiful sound!
it was great!
claps, here actually related to the stroke of pick, saturation is not even worth talking about and can really deal with all styles!


I've tried it today and with that experience, I realize why I like the Laney guitar amplifier, and already, it's not marshall neither of the mesa-boogie, and they have not outsourced to China to manufacture their amps themselves!
I would even say, they have not lowered their gowns before the Chinese to conquer the world! ah! ah! ah!
it really is a quality amp, in addition, the facade can be chromed and the amp is black; great physical contrast!
but the sounds it is really good!
useless palaver here before, even the seller of the store that I know told me he preferred this amp to a Fender All Tube, is to say!
Go ahead with your eyes closed, you will not be disappointed!
I found the quality / price excellent, you really for your money!
it is also far from the mind-blowing rates of matchless, mesa-boogie of Dumble amps or other so-called facts shop, and besides, it proves one thing, needless to pay € 4000 for a matchless sound that will eventually as a twin reverb to 900 € and, incidentally, are all modeled on the schematics of Fender amps!
I find here wreath at the crossing ...
But to return to our laney; go for it!
you will not be disappointed!