Laney VC50
Laney VC50
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jpbleus 08/22/2005

Laney VC50 : jpbleus's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Everything is there and everything has already been said.
It is originally fitted with a pair of Sovtek 6L6/5881 power and ECC 83 preamp.


Configuration is very simple: it was 4 feet and the sound is supplied footswitch. The manual, we do not care. I had occasion to € 500 and there was no manual. Easily obtained a good sound on one condition: that the lamps are not worn.
When I picked him up, the salesman insisted that I did not test high volume (not to wake the baby and not bother the neighbors) and I immediately understood why but I said nothing. I was informed that the beast has seven years and the power tubes should be out of breath and it is normal that the type does not change when he sold the amp. The color of each audio channel, however, is magnificent.
Once back home, I tested high-volume and actually it lacked breath. Never mind I did not want to directly repair a simple matter of pairing of lamps and setting bias. I offered a couple of 6L6/5881 MESA BOOGIE préappairées and took the slap of my life. The beautiful sounds were still there but with a punch that I had never imagined.


You can find all the sounds you want.
Channel A FENDER sounds: Start with good, pure tone, it is the Shadows, Albatross (Peter Green) and Lenny (SRV). By removing the treble on the guitar or the amp is entered in the register jazz. By adding the drive on Texas blues rock is yours, with shades as you keep the stratum or you go to a scraper equipped with humbuckers. For me, a cheap Gibson equipped Rio Grande Texas BBQ.
Channel B gives a beautiful sound Marshall where you can go from Hendrix to AC / DC and Scorpions, according to the scratches, the settings and the level of drive.
Or, 2 amps in one.


Two amps a legend for € 500 + € 50 lamps, it is really worth and cost.
Since the 27 years that I play, I have tried tens of amps and I would do definitely the choice if the opportunity presented itself.