Mesa Boogie DC-10 Combo
Mesa Boogie DC-10 Combo

DC-10 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Dual Caliber series.

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.clem. 01/23/2006

Mesa Boogie DC-10 Combo : .clem.'s user review


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This is an amp lamps with an output of 100 Watts.
There are four extensions for speakers, an effects loop with level CONTRL, direct output. On the front there is the jack for the guitar and one for the footswitch.
The footswitch has two switches: rhythm / lead, eq. It can switch from one channel to another and enable or disable the hard legalization (5 bands).
Each channel consists of a Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Reverb, Master (volume).
The Gain channel is splitable clean (so to speak as well).
There are three selector positions, which CONTRL function of the pedals.
Master volume.
A selector Standby on / off, and one for the Power.
Two HP 80W Celestion Black Shadow.
My description is not complete, but basically it's a.


So you have to get used to a little beginners, especially if it's your first amp lamps. But overall it's pretty simple. It's been six months that I have and I am far from having made the rounds. You just have to be careful not to strip s'garer with legalization. It was soon the tendency to focus on. I recommend STUDY well before the rest.
To the question "do you get a good sound easy?" I rponds YES. It sounds alone.
Manual: never seen.


I practice the metal. But beware, this amp is extremely versatile, finally I find. I find my account as mtalleux. If you are passionate about sound type tool, metallica, Korn (first album) is on target.
The sound is clean gnial. This can be done lgrement saturate, there may be perfectly clean and never saturate too. I put a little chorus and it's great.
If we talk in terms of its texture, I would say that is not saturated fat. I play in C # Dropp So if the precision is ncessaire, I let the bass do its job of ct l. You can play a good agreement with the full gain back any frquence takes over if the amp is rgl. The clean sound is dense.
But thanks to the strip legalization can find all the textures I think.
I use a Gibson Les Paul and an Ibanez RG. I prcise because the DC-10 Fidler is the sound of the guitar while keeping a lot of characters.


This is my first amp lamps. He has fifteen years and works perfectly well. Prcis buttons, the band also (a not float, you can keep the problem without rglage Prolonged exposure). It's tough. The sound is standard and versatile. I got it for 1500 euros (as you say I have not rflchi to buy a mesa 100W that price).
You can do anything with (except play in his room). I think this amp I bought it for life. On scne I m'clate. is a value sre. I would like to add a wall of cabinets. It's a Mesa.
Ngatifs points:
It is too heavy, even with wheels. It is an ordeal. (By the way I'm looking for a roadie) I myself anymore.
You really have no neighbors in the corner to push.
I think this is an amp made for scne (but be flexible with an Eng scne watts). I pushed once half of the Master gnral (I still have ear pain). Except I do not see what was said wrong. It is hard to find but if you buy one OCCAZ go for it. Plutt it correct that too rpandu aujord'hui. APRS is a story got!