Mesa Boogie DC-2 Combo
Mesa Boogie DC-2 Combo

DC-2 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie in the Dual Caliber series.

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lnlolo 02/14/2010

Mesa Boogie DC-2 Combo : lnlolo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp as combo: 22 w 2 EL84 and 12AX7 6
2 channels with each: Gain, trebble, mid, bass, presence, reverb and master spars !!
1 overall output level
Effects loop with effects of the Mix knob in the loop
1 foot swtich for channel switching and reverb
1 mute button to mute the output record with recording
3 output for HP it will no problem even a 4 x 12

9 because mine did not outline the 3rd channel


Config fairly simple as well spars channels and this is one of his strengths, and finally an all-tube amp with 2 channels completely indpendant, you have a super clear sound without sacrificing the lead.

Manuel tlchargeable in mesa and super simple (though English)

sound good ??? Yes in 10 minutes and which sound !!!

Like Timmons, he approaches the clear sound of stiletto see lonestar as rglages. Claquan, but dynamic warm but not bright or Peavez etaggrsif Compars Fender classic. It is my user review Peavey and Fender.

The lead ranged from singing crunch with dynamic warm. Nothing "pique" and which sound, there'll play for hours (and it does). For metal, prvoir EQ in the loop because it does not possde the Qualo with its famous V.


It should be 200% my style, 20 years I seek and I !!
NSOs are still in the mix because prsents enough mdium, harmonics out themselves, the sustain, the heat!
I play with a Ibanez AT300 like Ibanez and RG620X, as I like to point out that Timmons and does!


I use it recently and I reposterais hindsight.
I tried to marshall body double, Laney (VH100R, SC ...), Mesa recto. Not been able to compar lonestar stilleto friends and I found the grain. It is e on.
The price quality ratio is excellent opportunity but found nowadays.

I keep it, I never revendrais such an amp, what quality not a breath and THE sound!