Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo
Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo

Orange Rockerverb 50 Combo : Anonymous 's user review


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- Made in UK
- Pr-amplification 4x12AX7 (ECC83 Finally, it is in England!): I know the LATEST 12AX7 is a driver / phase inverter and is therefore part of the Tagus power, but hey we will not quibble ...
- Amplification 4x6V6 in push-pull for 50 Watts of power, so running in Class A / B
- Correction by lamps 2x12AT7
- 2 Celestion Vintage 30 8 ohm in series, back semi-open
- 2 channels clean and dirty
- Clean with contrl volume, bass and treble
- Dirty contrl with volume, gain, bass, treble and medium rather
- Spring Reverb
- Outputs: 2x8 and 1x16 Ohms Ohms
- Effects loop
- Output Damping Slecteur High / Low
- Output for footswitch to change channel and reverb NOT PROVIDED
- Case not included

Ah, the charm of the Amps Orange: a distinctive sound and unique design instantly recognizable.
Well built, quality components consquent weight, irreproachable finish: a very nice amp, true showpiece Orange.

As you read cons: no cover or footswitch included but available as an option! All tube amp for, upscale over 1,800 euros is inexcusable!
Likewise, no manual. Although sr using this amp is very intuitive, but a manual, even short, simply reminding those who do not know that the lamps are pre-heated before work, or showing the sp fications exact combo is always pleasant.
In addition, the mysterious slecteur back, call Output Damping actually plays on the rate of feedback applied negatives: it is actually returning a portion of the final signal before the output transformer , to an anterior Tagus, reverse phase. The objective here is to calm an amp too "wild" and aggressive. The reverse is possible: it is positive feedback for a little amp anmis. Common practice in the amplification lamps, but the trick here is to play on the rate of feedback for softer sounds and clear, or more aggressive and full. But, no manual and it says you must get information in English on the Orange website!

In short, a very nice amp but I put all the same 8 / 10, because this level of performance and price, these little oversights are agaants!

NB: the footswitches are rarely omitted on the other hand covers are often absent (except for Mesa, Fender few high-end and other rarities) is a shame! Therefore add 60 euro options: shabby! Imagine there be a guitar high-end without the flight case supplied?


Operation is simple and intuitive. Here no rglages unnecessary and essentially is sought not perfectly.

Getting the right sound? All sounds are good on this amp.

I prfr slecteur that the feedback loop is more accessible on the front facade, for example up, rather than on the rear panel bracket LOWER! Okay, it's a dtail, but what kind of amp it is dtails that make the difference!


Attack the heart of the matter: the sounds.
As its name suggests, this amp is built for rock. It feels clear channel DS, availing one contrle volume and equalizer for bass and treble. Channel gain is not adjustable clear. And the channel clear trend adj cruncher quickly with a humbucker. Do not panic, it is sufficient to play on the contrle volume of the guitar to calm the game you'll understand that this is not the clear sound of a Fender or a Vox AC-30 . And it is precisely the feedback loop comes negatives: increasing feedback, the receiver becomes more docile and gives pride to clean sounds. So a great versatility on the clean channel, but pity the slecteur is so inaccessible!
Let the Dirty channel: the legalization of the medium rather brings true versatility to address the mtal and progressive contrle gain can consider many different styles of Lger crunch to big distortions m tal. Well, for 7 strings and tunings 1 or 2 tone below the standard, it is better to add a disto pedal to Tend the sound, but with this amp you only go away already.
The spring reverb is finely crafted.

On this amp all the sounds I like. Obviously it is built for saturations supported, not for finger picking country, but slecteur loop feedback allows fine ground incursions clear sounds.
Especially this amp has a good character to him: this is not a Fender or a Marshall or a Mesa or a Vox ... This is an Orange!


Orange flagship model, this amp all lamps of 50 Watts is not only beautiful and well built, but sounds superbly.
As its name suggests, it is tailored to the sounds muscular, blues SRV to modern mtal. However slecteur the amount of feedback applied negatives brings versatility insouponne this combo high-end.

A choice that one can not regret.
The price: 1,900 euros. Not given but the quality at a price.

Lowlight: the footswitch is optional, and the cover. We need a change! Have you already book a LP Custom Shop without flight case or buttons potentiomtres??